Why Us

Officine Marsilii has multi-year study, research and experimentation purposes. MARSILII is leader in the production of safety and functionality equipement for prison, military and civilian , both in new buildings and in recovery.

company overview

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what we do

  • penitentiary fixtures

  • anti-saw grates

  • gates

  • garitte

  • automation

  • Supervision System

who we serve


  • professionals

  • companies

company goals

Why our customers choose us


• MARSILII Certification of opening/closing cycle test automation

•Tests of manual operation cycles of MARSILII locks and keys

• Tests of opening/closing cycles of Officine Custos 2050 electric locks

• Tests of opening with transverse load in case of “Officine Custos 2050” electric locks

• Certificates proving the resistance to manual cut of four steel samples with or without surface hardening

• Test on static load in case of MARSILII grate

• Test on impact on MARSILII grate

• Test with club on MARSILII grate

• Test with club on flat and round grate

• Certificate of thermal break

• MARSILII locks depending on the climate zones

• Certificate of resistance to wind

vision & values

since its inception our company has set itself goals to grow and offer  ever better service